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Envisioned IT Business Intelligence PerthWhat percentage of my total sales were for a particular service or product?
Which one of my clients were the largest consumers of that service?
What has been the trend for that client’s consumption a service over the past three years?
How does that trend compare to the overall consumption of that service?..and how does that all compare to the number of daily visitors to your website over the same period?

I want to able to predict what my customers will do

Welcome to Business Intelligence!
The analysis and transformation of raw business data into actionable information, or Business Intelligence, has always played a part in the running of successfully businesses. Whether your business is cyclical and season dependent, tethered to external forces such as interest rate changes and currency markets or influenced by the number of visitors to your website, business intelligence provides you with insights into the inner workings of your business, allowing you to make more informed business decisions.

Data Analytics Perth
In the current information age we live in, the generation of data, especially business data, is unavoidable: how many people visited your website, how many sales were made last month, what are your most popular products or services, what is the average length of your staff members working day, who and where are your competitors; all this valuable information can be extracted from analysis of your raw data. The challenge is transforming the large amounts of raw data available within and around your business into meaningful, understandable and comparable information. Envisioned IT employs data visualisation techniques that can gather and correlate data into information that you can use to grow your business or even discover and eliminate impediments you may have not been aware of previously.

In today’s business world, mobility has an influencing factor in the ability to make decisions outside the office or outside of the tradition office hours and access to your business information while mobile is no longer a luxury but a necessity. You should not need to wait until you get into the office to know how many visitors your newly designed website had the night before Father’s Day and start scrambling to purchase items they will be picking up that Sunday morning – perhaps you may need to roster additional staff members, or perhaps Daniel can have the day off. Envisioned IT can ensure that your data is secure and accessible whenever you maybe require it.

business intelligence perthKey Benefits:
• Insight to your business
• Big Data; data visualisation
• Business strategy
• Resource allocation
• Mobile access
• Correlation; multiple sources


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