What is Virtualization?

Envisioned IT Server consolidationThe easiest way to describe it is as such: when you power on your computer it starts up what is known as the Operating System, such as Windows 10. Within the operating system you can run multiple applications, such as Chrome for Internet browsing, Microsoft Word for word processing, Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving emails and VLC for watching high definition videos. All these applications can simultaneously run at the same time on the one Operating System, each requesting and utilizing the resources they require. Now imagine your applications were actually other Operating Systems …

We have all heard it a number of times from a number of different people, and we have probably said it ourselves: technology has changed so much. Technology has made things faster, more compact and more powerful than ever before and continues to shape and reshape the way we do things. Computer processing power has significantly benefited from technological advances to where there is more processing power contained in your mobile phone that fits in your pocket, than that in Apollo 11 that was used to reach the moon!

Benefits of VirtualizationEnvisioned IT virtualization benefits

As a business, you can leverage virtualization technologies to consolidate your IT infrastructure onto one or two physical servers. Other benefits include improved redundancy, availability, security and efficiency of your IT services. Need a new server commissioned? No need to order new physical hardware that could take weeks to arrive, whereas a new virtual server can be deployed and be ready for use in a matter of minutes.

Envisioned IT has extensive experience with virtualization technologies and can assist you in reducing your running and hardware maintenance costs, as well as well as reducing your energy footprint, while maintaining high availability and flexibility of your IT infrastructure. Whatever your industry virtualization can increase productivity, improve efficiency, and maximize your profits.



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