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Maintenance of computers is the practice of keeping computers in a good state of repair. If maintained properly a  computer can live well beyond its life expectancy and it will also protect your data from viruses and attacks. Seeking out computer support will save businesses hundreds if not thousands of dollars on new computers.

computer maintenance

Here is a list of a few computer maintenance activities one should perform on a regular basis:

Protection from virus and malware

Viruses and malware are a serious issue to any business. When a computer is infected, various symptoms may be displayed, from slow performance to annoying popup messages. If an IT system is compromised, a business can be used as a launching pad to infect other businesses.

Installing and updating antivirus program can protect businesses. There are many programs that are available to help protect businesses from the viruses and malware. These programs need to be updated regularly to ensure their effectiveness.

Detecting IT issues early

Whether a computer is new or old, problems can arise any time. Through regular IT maintenance issues can be detected and addressed early so they do not impact the business. Regular IT maintenance will also help reduce IT support costs by fixing minor issues before they cause a major incident.

Regular backups

In cases where a hard drive has experienced a severe failure, or there has been a cyber-attack, or where a serious software error has occurred, precious data may be completely lost or corrupted. It is not something any business would want to experience, yet every day, it happens to thousands of businesses both large and small. That is the reason why it is important to take regular backups as well as ensure these backups can be recovered.

Speeding up computers

Over a period, files stored on the computer becomes disorganized and fragmented, this results in slow loading times and delayed access to programs and files. Regularly running speed checks, smart optimization and PC Health Check can speed up computers’ loading times and take care of those annoying pauses when you are busy and need quick access to files and software.

Updating Software

Not only do regular software updates help eliminate potential security vulnerabilities, they also can provide various error/problem/’bug’ fixes. Many software applications have automatic update functionality built-in. However, many others do not. As such, it’s prudent to regularly manually check for updates. The ‘check for updates’ button is often located under the ‘Help’ menu bar in many programs.

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