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IT Maintenance Perth

By proactively performing regular maintenance of your IT infrastructure and services we can help ensure service availability by resolving potential problems before they negatively impact your business.

Choose one of the monthly IT Maintenance Plans below and contact us for a free consultation!

Service monitoring
   We monitor your IT services and systems
Service Calls
   Number of free service call included
   15 minute response time on all calls logged
Server Health
   Review server logs and address any issues found
Once a fortnightOnce a weekTwice a week
   Apply Microsoft Updates on all servers
   Confirm server vendor support status
   Check available storage on servers and remediateOnce a monthTwice a monthTwice a week
   Keep hardware firmware versions up-to-dateOnce a monthTwice a month
Backup Health
   Check scheduled jobs and remediate
Once a fortnightOnce a weekTwice a week
   Check backup application logs and remediateOnce a fortnightOnce a weekTwice a week
   Perform test restore to confirm recoverability from backupOnce a monthTwice a month
Security Health
   Check antivirus application and definitions and update
Once a monthOnce a monthTwice a month
   Review logs on security devices and applications and address threats/issuesOnce a fortnightOnce a weekTwice a week
Network Health
   Review logs on network devices and address any issues
Once a monthTwice a monthTwice a week
   Perform config backup of all network devicesQuarterlyOnce a month
   Review logs of storage devices and address any issues
Once a fortnightOnce a weekTwice a week
   Apply latest firmware and software updates QuarterlyOnce every 2 monthTwice a month
   Confirm vendor support status of all backup devicesQuarterlyOnce a month
Capacity Management
   Perform a capacity audit of all supported devices
MonthlyEvery 2 weeksOnce a week
Comprehensive Health Report
   Produce a comprehensive report on the health status of your IT environment
Once a monthOnce a weekTwice a week
Workstation Patching
   We apply the latest updates on all your PCs
QuarterlyOnce a monthOnce a week
Personal/Home Office Suppprt
   Our Engineers will fix any issues you have with your home PC, mobile devices, printer etc
Courtesy Laptop
   Should your PC/laptop fail you will have access to a courtesy laptop until its repaired
Disaster Recovery (DR) Test
   We perform an annual DR test of your IT services
Automatic Discount
   You receive an automatic 5% discount on any additional Envisioned IT services
Cost per Month:$ 350


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